Localblox can help you connect with your awesome neighbors in your neighborhood.

You have a notification! Someone poked you. You’ve been invited to a party! Because you are connected. You know people. People know you and people like you. Or do they? Do you?

Localblox.com is a place online where you can connect with people in your neighborhood community to actually get together with real people to have fun in your town. This is cool for those who don’t know a lot of fun people in town. Even if you are connected, but you want more friends or you just love meeting people, localblox.com may be right up your alley.

Whether or not you know the people on your local blocks, the people in your neighborhood like doing fun things just like you. Localblox.com can help you connect with the awesome people in your neighborhood whom  you never knew about.

 Localblox is not only for meeting local people, but for finding local businesses, reading reviews about service providers, etc. Where to eat? What movies are great, all that.

 t’s 8 PM. And it’s a Saturday night and you want to go see that new movie with the hot actor. But you don’t have anyone to go with. Localblox.com may have an answer.

 Localblox.com also features a news and buzz section about your local community. You can keep up with the latest news and hot deals in your town all on Localblox.

 So Localblox is not only a great place to get connected socially, but also to get all the information you would need about your local community.

 Americans care about local issues. Since Localblox serves over sixty thousand neighborhoods in America and worldwide, it’s a great place to meet people and make connections with cool neighbors that you never knew you had.

 Sure it’s not Facebook. It’s not Linkedin either. That’s because it’s Localblox, connecting you with your neighbors in your community. Because, how much fun is it to just sit there forever with Facebook communicating remotely with people? Spending time on Facebook is a lot of fun and we all know that, but wouldn’t it be more fun to actually meet new exciting people in person? To discover neighbors you never knew about before?

 We live in an age where people are less connected to those in their neighborhoods. It used to be common in America for people to know their neighbors on their own street. Now we have more connections and are busier with online social networks talking to people around the world. And we think that is cool. But ask yourself if you are better off not knowing your neighbors. Would you like to be more connected locally?Would you like to have more local friends in your own neighborhood who like to do similar things that you do? I think you may be starting to feel the benefits. Localblox is the key to discovering your local neighborhood online.

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