LocalBlox Provides the Virtual Venue to Build Neighborhoods

by admin on March 16, 2012

Seattle WA –March 14, 2012 – Remember when everyone knew their neighbors? If someone needed a helping hand, neighbors quickly came to the rescue to shovel drives, recommend a landscaper, or cook and deliver a meal. In today’s fast-paced world, people may not even know who their physical neighbors are. We use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to maintain contact with friends, family and business associates, when LocalBlox provides a local connection.
“It’s your neighborhood and your community,” said Sabira Arefin, CEO and founder of LocalBlox. “Be a part of it, get active, get recognized and get rewarded!”
LocalBlox is a network of neighbors encompassing over 23 million local businesses and 60,000 neighborhoods nationwide. You may not have time for a cup of coffee on the porch like neighbors did in bygone days, but you still live in the same community and can share your views, opinions or even warn neighbors of potential dangers on LocalBlox.
Even if we don’t always show it, people still like to help each other and LocalBlox members get rewarded with social recognition, special deals and discounts for being a good neighbor. Those incentives can then be used at local merchants to help boost the economy as a whole.
Large corporations spent $150 billion on local ads last year, but with average budgets of $3,000 a year, it’s almost impossible for small local businesses to compete. Many opt to spend their limited budgets on Google and Facebook marketing, with as much success as praying for new customers. It doesn’t make sense to pay a company half way across the country to connect you with businesses in your own community.
In the old days, newspapers and the Yellow Pages were the preferred method of marketing a business. Blogs and social media have taken over the niches formerly held by print advertising. Small business owners don’t have the time or resources to maintain multiple social media sites, blog and operate their commercial enterprises.
That’s where the good neighbors at LocalBlox can help. They’re people who love the communities and neighborhoods in which they live and want to see them flourish and grow. They’re ambassadors for their communities and loyal customers who share their shopping experiences with others within the online neighborhood at LocalBlox. They help increase the visibility of businesses and merchants are rewarded with increased traffic and sales.
“That’s exactly what we empower people to do at LocalBlox,” said Arefin. “We believe in strong communities by connecting neighbors on core human values – love, help, appreciation and recognition. We offer a free ad in the neighborhood for small business and they can get additional exposure by using a variety of tools ad solutions. We keep the pricing low for small businesses as an integral part of local communities and local economies.”
LocalBlox offers the same technology that big corporations use, but at a fraction of the cost, allowing small businesses to utilize state-of-the-art techniques to connect with consumers at the local level. The firm has a comprehensive array of tools, directories and services for cost effective marketing.
LocalBlox fosters and encourages local transactions to stimulate regional economies. It’s a platform for the betterment of merchant and consumer relations that also builds stronger, more viable local economies. We may no longer swap stories over a picket fence as neighbors used to, but LocalBlox provides the platform for members to meet in a virtual venue to share information, collaborate and build local relationships.

For more information or to join LocalBlox, visit the website at http://www.localblox.com.

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