Happy To Be A LocalBlox Ambassador In My Town

by admin on February 29, 2012

You really should know about my hometown. The drive down main street past the beautiful antebellum homes and then on down to our quaint downtown square with it’s historical buildings and interesting antique shops warms my heart every time. I have so much to tell about my town, and now LocalBlox gives me a way to spread the word.

Every Autumn we have a big jubilee on the downtown square. There are activities for kids, vendors selling all sorts of items, there’s a car show, an auction, and even live musical entertainment – including myself and my sister. Localblox can keep our neighbors connected throughout the year and can keep up the energy.

We have a lake that draws fishermen from several other states. The fish grow huge here. We love to welcome new friends with our southern hospitality. Our town has several industries, with room to add more in our industrial park. We’ve even got cultural events – The Vienna Boy’s Choir from Austria will be performing here next month. There are Chamber of Commerce events, clubs and meetings of all kinds to attend. Our stories can be read by our visitors and travelers who otherwise would miss out what our small town has to offer.

Our local businesses can utilize LocalBlox to stay connected with our communities. Maybe a dance studio is having a recital, or having tryouts for a competition dance team. Or maybe a car dealership is offering a blow-out sale. Or maybe the fitness center has a discount for those who sign up this month. Well, they can announce it on LocalBlox and keep us informed.

My sister and I have produced some documentary videos about our town that I plan to upload to LocalBlox in the future, to help others learn more about the history of our town and our community. We also have pictures of some of the big fish caught in our lake that I will be posting. It would be wonderful if other members of the community shared photos of their favorite spots around town. One of my favorite spots is the horseback riding ranch just outside of town. It’s out in the country and they have guided rides through a peaceful wooded wilderness.

We have a bustling community, with stores, restaurants, excellent schools, and churches. I want to urge them all to join LocalBlox to take advantage of the opportunity to get the word out about themselves and stay connected. It would be to everyone’s advantage to sign up to LocalBlox to keep up to date with what is happening around town. We could help one another keep in touch, and help our town to grow and prosper. I love my neighborhood in Grenada, MS

-Katrina Kinder
Ambassador of Grenada, Mississippi

Katrina Kinder is a home schooled teen entrepreneur. She is the author of Secrets to Your FairyTale Romance – For Teens. For more info about Katrina, visit her website: www.RomanceAnswers.com

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