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by admin on February 10, 2012

You’ve heard it said and it’s what you’ve read, “Mobile is the future”.   What does this mean for your business?  It means you’ve got to get onboard and take advantage of the opportunities offered by mobile technology.  But it goes beyond just ‘mobile’, it’s social – such as Facebook and Twitter, and it’s local – with local searches up 117 % annually.  Savvy businesses know that Social, Local, Mobile – SoLoMo is the future.

Return on investment (ROI) is much higher for targeted local mobile ads.  For this reason, ad rates are premium for mobile click through rates ( CTR) ( which is the method used to measure the success of on- line ads).   CTRs are 64% higher for locally targeted mobile search ads and 40% higher for local copy in display ads.  Eleven percent of clicks on local ads result in calls or directions.   Search ads with local phone numbers have eight percent higher click through rates, according to a research report by  BIA/Kelsey in 2012.   So it’s all about local, local, local!

Even more convincing of the value of local targeting are figures derived from xAD advertising network ads.  Locally targeted mobile ads have an average CTR of 6.5% compared to an average online banner CTR  of 0.1%, and an average mobile banner CTR  of 0.64%.  Against the latter, local targeting results in a 10  times increase in the ad performance.   Your business needs to mobile and local.

It is undeniable that social signals influence brand affinity and purchase intent. In a national survey by Harris for CityGrid, fifty-two percent of respondents said that friend recommendations are the number one influencer in their visiting of a local business.  Facebook buying statistics show that  social sharing of information about products or services makes a purchase three times more likely to happen than an e-mail with the same info.  Facebook fans (those who “like” a company’s page) are 291% more likely to engage or interact with a brand than non-Fans.  The community of online and multi-channel retailers report social commerce statistics that show 42% of consumers proactively follow retailers on social networks.   Thirty-four percent made a purchase based on a social link.  Indeed, your business needs to be social.

A recent survey of Smartphone users by Pew Research Center found that 55% get location based directions and recommendations on their phones.  The increasing trend of Smartphone or moblie use is towards getting suggestions and tips gathered from the online social community regarding local deals and information.  Social, Local, Mobile – SoLoMo is what your business needs now.  But how?

Enter LocalBlox SoLoMo Solutions:

LocalBlox is bringing old-school communities back.  In today’s social networking and mobile era, LocalBlox is connecting neighbors on core human values — love, help, appreciation, and recognition; where friends can give and get recommendations to and from each other.  To add to the “feel good” nature of the LocalBlox community, users earn points that are redeemable at local stores. Merchants earn recognition and rewards for good reviews and community participation.

With a SoLoMo approach, LocalBlox connects businesses to local communities and helps build relationships by providing a self- serve integrated mobile platform. LocalBlox is the premiere neighborhood social networking site.  The platform is live in 60000 USA neighborhoods and in major cities worldwide, with over 23 million local businesses & neighbor profiles.  We offer enhanced local business profiles integrated with major social networking sites on the mobile platform.  Localblox is your solution to  bolster your brand reputations, communicate and monitor all your local, social and mobile interactions between customers, local agents and stores in real-time.

As you know, location-based mobile marketing drives customers to retail locations in physical neighborhoods. LocalBlox Mobile is an opt-in, location-based mobile marketing solution that delivers highly relevant mobile messages and embeddable ads customized for customers based on location, time, user preferences, and user’s publicly available information such as age, gender, occupation, interest and affiliation.

Let’s say someone is walking through the Belltown neighborhood in Seattle at 7 pm. While he is browsing a mobile app or a mobile site that integrates LocalBlox Mobile, he sees a discreet ad within the app space notifying that a Belltown restaurant X is offering a ‘Dine in Seattle’ deal that evening. He’s hungry and the deal offered appeals to him, so he heads over to restaurant X to satisfy his hunger.  The restaurant X mentioned here is a local business that can easily set up this type of campaign with a self-serving platform on LocalBlox.  How do we do it?  LocalBlox Mobile leverages a highly sophisticated recommendation driven algorithm based on traffic, age, location, gender and demographics extracted from the person’s mobile device. But no need to worry about the mechanics of it, you don’t need to understand the motor to drive a car.

Just know this, LocalBlox Mobile  can deliver relevant marketing messages based on your customer’s location, expand your reach and increase foot traffic to your physical stores. It will engage users with your brand-specific content and information about your events. We offer full-service or  licensed solutions.

The LocalBlox  SoLoMo platform is designed specifically for you to create, manage and track location-based display or local search advertising campaigns on mobile or the web. You can manage your messaging frequency and content preferences, which puts you in control. Quantitative and qualitative measurements are tracked in order to support your marketing strategy. LocalBlox also offers services to create and manage both customized geo-fences (which are virtual geometric perimeters that detect when a user enters your businesses’ predetermined radius) and messaging based on your marketing needs and promotional calendars.

Your business can customize individual ads in real-time with location information to maximize relevance and performance.  Your ads can be deployed by local directory companies, and other large publishers of location-based content around the world. Ads in any format –including display, text, and sponsored icons- can be used on both the web and mobile. These mobile ads work on nearly every phone and enable you as a marketer to reach the broadest possible audience. And, because they have opted-in, Localblox users are receptive and highly likely to take action based on these targeted messages.  Big smile!  You read that right, your customer will take action.

Yes, this SoLoMo may seem to be a lot to grasp, but no worries.  We, at LocalBlox are here to help. Just let us know what you need. Remember, LocalBlox is connecting neighbors on core human values — love, help, appreciation, and recognition.  We appreciate you.

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