LocalBlox is Building Blocks!

by admin on January 27, 2012

 LocalBlox is a neighborhood social media networking platform building strong communities by connecting neighbors based on core human values — love, help, appreciation, and recognition! LocalBlox is bringing old school communities back by bridging them to today’s social networking and mobile era.  LocalBlox helps small businesses connect to their local neighborhoods and clients and build long-term relationships using local social media, mobile and digital technologies online and offline in the neighborhoods through neighborhood ambassadors who are active community members. Users earn points that are redeemable by local merchants in the form of freebies, deals, and discounts. Merchants also earn recognition and rewards for good reviews and community participation. LocalBlox site and mobile technologies promote and track participation, and boost all participants with social recognition! LocalBlox is a part of the social media revolution and sees itself as a strategic player in the game.

In addition, LocalBlox can foster and encourage local transactions and businesses at the basic levels and thus help to stimulate regional economies from the grassroots.  In a sense, LocalBlox can help to strengthen and interconnect the building blocks of a resurgent economy.

Just like the Super Bowl encompasses all Americans and transcends all differences, LocalBlox aspires to bring all communities within one platform that is local, social, and mobile using today’s technology while focusing on core human values … old-school style!

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