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by admin on November 20, 2011

Christmas. Kwanza. Thanksgiving. Apple pie. Pumpkin pie.

The holidays are coming, and the truth is that there are events going on that you don’t know about in your local community. There are wonderful neighbors that live near you that you don’t know and you might really enjoy meeting them at a holiday party.

It’s hard to go if you don’t know about it. Localblox helps you connect with neighbors you don’t know you had and provides a places where you can find events or create holiday events of your own.

Localblox is a great way to find people who love to volunteer during the holiday season. If you are looking for a group or a charity to get involved with, or are interesting in organizing your own event or volunteer opportunity, we believe localblox can help.

Maybe you can even get a group together to serve meals at a local soup kitchen, or find people that like to make meals for families in need during the cold winter days.

So whether you are looking for santa, or just want to find some people to watch christmas movies with or maybe go sledding in the snow, check localblox.

With localblox there just really is no good reason to be bored for the holidays. Find someone local to celebrate Thanksgiving with. Like making cookie decorations or gingerbread houses? You can find all sorts of people and events on localblox, and of course, it’s all local. In your neighborhood.

So how about a little less loneliness and a little more neighborliness this holiday season?

Maybe you have the gift of making incredible Christmas cookies and you just don’t have anyone to share them with? Find a local party in your neighborhood on Localblox or better yet, start one yourself. People love parties for the holidays and you will probably be able to find someone that can help you organize.

You may be starting to understand that we here at Localblox really like… local. We like the neighborhood, and we want to help you get more connected with your neighborhood. If you don’t feel connected to people, or feel a desire to connect, we encourage you to look for opportunities in your area to get involved in energy work. Check out local Yoga groups or look into a neighborhood Qi Gong meeting.

This can help you get more into the holiday season and feeling more involved in your local community and neighborhood all year long and not just for the holiday season. So as you head through Thanksgiving, Christmas and then the New Year, enjoy it all and make your resolutions with new friends and connections in your neighborhood. If you want to, you can let Localblox help. We’d be glad to.

Volunteer. Celebrate. All local. Localblox.

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